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Rich Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Before and After

A clean space is everything in the hospitality industry and it is one of the reasons for driving the satisfaction of the customers of any hotel in Melbourne. Cleanliness represents a hotel’s reputation, quality and helps in promoting the word of mouth recommendations for it. This is why, it is very important to choose professional and reputed cleaners, who can help you achieve your high standards of maintaining the cleanliness of your hotel.

Hotel Mattress Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Process

One of the main drivers of customer’s satisfaction and attraction is the clean and sanitised mattresses in the hotel rooms. So, if the mattress isn’t cleaned regularly it will slowly, but surely, become a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and mould. This will lead to a troubled sleep and in some cases to serious respiratory conditions. But, with the help of the professional cleaners from Rich Cleaning you don’t need to worry about the cleanliness and maintenance of the mattresses. We provide the mattress cleaning services which includes:

  • Hot water extraction for cleaning mattress
  • Fully sanitised mattress
  • Non-toxic chemical formulas to protect your health
  • Best detergents
  • Mattress steam cleaning
  • Dry cleaning mattresses

With the excellent professional services like deep cleaning and sanitising processes, the mattresses remain fresh, clean and odour-free, so that the guests can stay healthy and protected from the bacteria and germs.

Hotel Couch cleaning service in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Before and After

Many times while cleaning the hotel rooms, the housekeeping staff focuses on the floors and hard surfaces, but skip the sofas and upholstery. But with the help of professionals from the Rich Cleaning services, you don’t need to worry about the beauty and character of your hotel furniture and upholstery. We apply a quick-drying upholstery shampoo to the furniture with a natural sponge and after that the spots are scrubbed with a furniture brush. The furniture upholstery gets cleaned when the room is set up. This way if there are any stubborn spots, they can be steam cleaned when the carpet cleaner comes into the room.

Hotel Carpet cleaning in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Process

The Rich Cleaning Services in Melbourne offers a wide variety of cleaning services, which also includes Carpet cleaning. So, if you want reliable and expert Carpet cleaning services for your hotel, then this company can proved to be your trusted cleaning company. Their services include the following:

  • Advanced stain removal technique
  • Flooded carpet restoration work
  • Damage repair and cleaning
  • Solid guard fabric protection
  • Sanitise and deodorise carpets

Hotel Curtain cleaning in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Before and After

When it comes to the beauty of your hotel, curtain play an important role. Clean and fresh curtains attracts the guests. But when it’s about cleaning and maintaining them, dry cleaning doesn’t remove the stains nor the mildew on them. Decorative curtains are often made of delicate fabric that gets ruined by even delicate machine wash. At Rich Cleaning we use a gentle hand washing process and natural drying for the curtains. No solvents are used in the process either. Our experienced team will advise you as to the potential outcomes and expectations prior to cleaning. Whatever the type of curtains, our curtain cleaning team will strive to achieve the best clean possible.

Best Hotel Cleaning Company in Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning Process

If you are searching for a professional hotel cleaning company in Melbourne, then you don’t need to look further than Rich Cleaning Services. We have years of experience in the area of hospitality cleaning and their highly trained staff will surely make a remarkable difference in the cleanliness level of your hotel. We can easily handle the cleaning chores for you which includes the following:

  • Cleaning Guestrooms: The staff is specialised in providing detail cleaning of the guestrooms, so that the guests can enter a room with pleasant aromas, vacuumed floors, crystal clear windows and perfectly made beds.
  • Cleaning common areas: To ensure the health as well as aesthetics in the common area, they clean corridors, foyers and entryways to start great experiences the moment your guests step through your front doors.
  • Cleaning kitchens and restaurants: The rich cleaning services provides your hotel the facility to look best. From the dining halls, to the bar, to the kitchen, they can make your facilities shine, which will make sure that your guests experience the cleanliness of your restaurants.

Why choose Rich Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Process

Since hotels always needs to be clean and ready for guest, it is very important that the cleaning services to be taken from a professional cleaning company such as Rich Cleaning services in Melbourne. We are experienced in providing superior services and extraordinary levels of cleanliness to the clients. Here are some reasons as why you should choose Rich Cleaning:

  • Top end service: Rich Cleaning is known for providing top of the line cleaning service in Melbourne.
  • Amazing customer satisfaction: With our high quality services to hotels in Melbourne we have a very high customer satisfaction rate. You can also read our reviews online.
  • Easy quotation and service: Either we can provide quotation over the phone or we can come to your hotel for an inspection to give you with a more accurate quote.
  • Quality guaranteed: We provide quality cleaning at a right price and our quality of service is guaranteed.
  • Availability: We are available when you need us. Just call or email now.
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