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Best Flood Cleaning & Drying Service

We understand how frustrating it can be when your house gets flooded due to the leak in the bathroom or due to heavy rain or flood due to any other reason. We have a team of expert professionals to help you in this kind of difficult situations.

Just call us and let our customer representative know about your situation to organise a technician for you. Flood cleaning and drying can be a time-consuming process and if you need a quote with very specific details then we may recommend you taking a photo and sending it across to us by email.

We have helped many customers over the years and different situations. We have all the tools required to dry your flooded area.

Why choose Rich Cleaning

  • Quality Cleaning and Drying
  • Best Service @ Right Price
  • Same day service in most situations
  • A trusted company in Melbourne
  • Very transparent process

Flood Restoration Melbourne

Flood restoration can be difficult and stressful for general household people as it requires expert knowledge and equipment to restore the flood.

With years of experience, we understand different curtain fabric quality and we do cleaning accordingly. We maintain the highest level of transparency and do not hesitate to ask any question you may have about your curtain or drapes cleaning.

We have some amazing reasons why you should choose us?

  • Quality cleaning @ right price
  • High-level customer satisfaction
  • Same day services in most situation

We also clean pelmets, let our customer service officer know about it when you do the booking.

We don’t just do the cleaning, our aim is to help people of Melbourne stay healthy. We provide a range of other cleaning services, check out our cleaning services page for more info.

Flood Restoration Process

You can easily differentiate quality curtain cleaning vs an ordinary one. At Rich Cleaning we maintain a very high cleaning standards.

  • Your curtains will start to look lot cleaner after dry or steam clean.
  • You can expect better hygiene as it will let clean and fresh in your living and bedrooms.
  • If you may have breathing health issues then a well-cleaned drapes can help you stay healthy.
  • With proper sanitation, you can expect better fragrances.

Curtain provides an amazing look in your house, generally, people go near a window to have a fresh air or just to relax. When guests arrive, apart from other things they do notice the curtain very closely as it faces windows.

The importance of certain increases significantly in spring and summer in Melbourne as people move around.

Fresh air is good for the health and to maintain the best hygiene possible, it is very important to ensure your curtains and drapes are in well-cleaned condition.

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