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Carpet Steam & Dry Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Before and After

If you need carpet steam or dry cleaning service at your home or office then remember Rich Cleaning. At Rich Cleaning we have the best cleaning technician and modern cleaning equipment to make your cleaning experience an easy one.

We do most kind carpet cleaning to help you stay healthy. If you need a professional cleaning done in your lounge room or bed room then just call us and we will book this for you. If you are moving out and if you need lead end carpet steam cleaning done to get your bond back then call us today!

We do both steam and dry cleaning, please mention the kind of cleaning you need when you call.

Why Choose Rich Cleaning Service?

Carpet Cleaning Process

We are known to be best in the business and we maintain a 5-star customer feedback in most situation. Here are some reasons as why you should choose Rich Cleaning service.

  • Transparent quotation and cleaning process
  • High-quality carpet cleaning is guaranteed
  • Same day carpet cleaning in Melbourne most of the time
  • With proper sanitation, you can expect better fragrances.

What To Expect After Quality Curtain Cleaning

Carpet cleaning company

You can easily differentiate quality curtain cleaning vs an ordinary one. At Rich Cleaning we maintain a very high cleaning standards.

  • Your curtains will start to look lot cleaner after dry or steam clean.
  • GYou can expect better hygiene as it will let clean and fresh in your living and bed rooms.
  • If you may have breathing health issues then a well-cleaned drapes can help you stay healthy.
  • With proper sanitation, you can expect better fragrances.

Curtain provides an amazing look in your house, generally, people go near a window to have a fresh air or just to relax. When guests arrive, apart from other things they do notice the curtain very closely as it faces windows.

The importance of certain increases significantly in spring and summer in Melbourne as people move around.

Fresh air is good for the health and to maintain the best hygiene possible, it is very important to ensure your curtain and drapes are in well-cleaned condition.

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