Things you should consider while cleaning your duct in Melbourne

Air Ducts are probably one of the most used systems throughout the year and perhaps the most neglected ones. Air ducts keep your home cool in summers and warm in winters, so they function all year round accumulating a lot of dust and debris in the process. They may also be housed by rodents, dead insects and bacteria which lead of poor quality of air being circulated around, again and again, leading to a number of health problems for you and your family like sinuses, respiratory infections, asthma and allergies. So, regular cleaning and maintenance of the duct system is mandatory. Rich Cleaning Melbourne specialises in duct cleaning and repair service and our quality of service is guaranteed. Enquire now for duct cleaning Mornington Peninsula services.

Signs to look out for getting your duct cleaned

There are a number of signs that indicate that the duct needs proper maintenance and servicing.

  • If it hasn’t been cleaned over a year, you should get it cleaned as it accumulates dirt over time. You may even find visible signs of dirt near the air filters.
  • If you are experiencing an overall lower performance in terms of cooling or heating or you find yourself running it for more hours thereby increasing your electricity bills considerably, then its time you get your duct cleaned.
  • Some family member has developed allergies, or respiratory problems since some time, then your duct might be the cause as a result of bacteria and mold developed inside it.
  • If you have recently renovated your house, debris may be blocking the air passage that needs to be cleaned.
  • If you think the air quality has dropped and has an uncomfortable smell, it is definitely due to mold, dead insects or rodents residing inside your duct. You should immediately consider cleaning your duct at the earliest.
duct cleaning preparation
duct cleaning preparation

Why considering cleaning the duct yourself is a challenge

You may be tempted to clean the duct yourself probably to avoid the hassles of finding a good service provider and indeed saving on money. But duct cleaning is more than just wiping and vacuuming using your regular home vacuum cleaner. The air passages are long and regular equipment won’t be able to do justice to efficiently cleaning the duct system. Here’s why hiring professionals for the job is much more effective than self-duct cleaning –

  • The ducts accommodate a lot of dirt, grime, debris and even bacteria and dead insects. Having to clean on your own, means coming in contact of so much dirt and bacteria which may lead to allergies and repetitive sneezing, leaving you to totally drop the idea of cleaning.
  • If you are doing duct cleaning yourself, you would wipe and remove dirt using some brush or cloth and in the process throwing all that dirt, debris, dead insects and mold inside your home and making it a part of your breathing air.
  • It’s extremely tough to clean underground ducts and you would not even think of cleaning it. High rise ducts are even tougher to clean. You would be using some staircase or some other high rise table or platform to reach the duct. If ever you topple over while cleaning, it would result in injuries.
  • You would not be able to reach far off inside the air passage way using your regular vacuum or cloth. This will get only a small part of the duct cleaned that is within your access.
  • Some debris could have hardened and stiffened over time and just trying to rub it off won’t actually remove it completely. High pressure vacuuming with high end machines are used in such cases.
  • There could be some part of the duct that needs repair that has given way due to rusting or growth of mold. In that case, you can do nothing about it.
  • There could be gas leakage that you would never be able to identify that can lead to sudden outbreak of fire. High levels of carbon monoxide in air could have fatal results with regards to the health of your family.
  • If you are wondering about the cost to clean ducts in Melbourne then talk to us and we can offer you the best price.

Tips to remember while hiring a professional duct cleaner company

Hiring a professional duct cleaning company in Melbourne to clean your duct is the best and most effective solution to get properly maintained and cleaned duct. There are a lot of service providers that try to lure you with cheap rates leaving you as an unsatisfied customer in the end. Always look for a good company with great feedback and reviews and never hesitate to ask questions. A professional company will satisfy all your queries and provide you a transparent fee structure.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while hiring a professional duct cleaner-

  • Experience in the duct cleaning business – Always look for an experienced and reliable duct cleaner company before hiring. It is a good practice to research their track record and the practices they use in the cleaning process.
  • Transparent fee structure – A good professional company will never have any hidden charges and be confident enough to provide a clear and transparent budget. They may charge depending upon the number of ducts to be cleaned, extra equipment involved in the reach of the duct in case of underground or high rise ducts or have flat rates. Always ask the total estimated cost for your duct system to hair a fair idea well in advance.
  • Police verified staff – Never hesitate to ask if the staff that would do the servicing at your home is police background verified or not. This is a mandatory step to make sure about the safety of your family.
  • A good reliable and professional duct cleaning company would always use environment safe products instead of chemicals in the cleaning process. Always make sure to ask about the quality of products that they use in the cleaning process.
  • Quality of service and technology used– It’s important that the duct cleaners provide top quality service with latest technology and hi tech machinery. Be sure to ask an overview of the processes that will be used in the cleaning and maintenance of the duct. The ducts should be properly cleaned removing all dust and debris and removing all blockages in the air passage. A good professional company will do a free carbon monoxide test and also do sanitization and deodorization of the duct system. They will also take care that all the dust and debris that is removed from the duct doesn’t get into other parts of the house.

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