Couch Cleaners in Melbourne Northern Suburbs

We are five star rated Couch Cleaners in Melbourne and its northern suburbs, and offer couch cleaning, upholstery cleaning and sofa cleaning.  We are professional and reliable cleaning service providers and can efficiently remove all type of stains, dirt and grime from your couch and upholstery and make it brighten up your living room once again.

If you are looking for best couch cleaners in Craigieburn then call us now and get the quality cleaning done.

We have years of experience in couch and upholstery cleaning and have a strong customer base with our supreme quality services.

Reasons for couch cleaning

cleaning living roomCouch are an expensive furniture in your home that add style and class to your living room. With the passage of time, dust accumulates in the cushions and they get a bit of stain here and there. Having kids at home can even make them dirtier much more quickly by having them spilling something on the couch or wiping their hands on them. If you have pets at home, couch cleaning is even more important from health point of view. Even if the couch doesn’t seem to be very dirty, you may not realize that it has a lot of dust, food crumbs, maybe unwanted hair strands in between the gaps. If not cleaned in a long time, couch can even be a home for bacteria.

Dirty and dull looking couch and upholstery are a big no-no and make you less confident in front of the guests. So, getting professional help from experienced couch cleaners like us becomes necessary and that too at an affordable price.

Couch steam and dry cleaning

sofa couch upholstery

We provide both steam and dry-couch cleaning service to both domestic and commercial customers. We are a phone call away. Call us to enquire about your steam cleaning requirements and we’ll get it booked in right away.

We provide best services at the most affordable prices.

We also provide scotchgard / leather protection service based on our customer’s need.

We also offer a sensitization and deodorant service for cleaner and fresh smelling couch.

Benefits of hiring us

We are experts at couch and upholstery cleaning and specialize in stain removal and dust removal from all types of couch and upholstery. We believe in supreme quality work and our customers always have rave reviews about us. Whether your couch has attached or detachable mattress, wood work or metallic and iron rod handles, any type of fabric be it leather, cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon, we deal with everything with total efficiency and reliability. Our staff is well trained on what types of products to use on which fabrics resulting in exceptional service experience.

Benefits of hiring us are-

  • After our service, you will see clean stain free couch and upholstery
  • Quality work is guaranteed
  • Professional technicians
  • Expert advice
  • Highest transparency
  • Removal of deep set dust and stubborn stains
  • Use of bio-friendly products in the cleaning process
  • Quality work at affordable prices
  • Same day service available

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