Carpet steam cleaning service in Coburg and Fawkner

Carpet cleaning is very important for healthy living in Coburg and Fawkner areas of Melbourne. Carpets attract dust, germs, and bacteria and are prone to accidental spilling and stains. Who would want a dirty and dull looking carpet in their living room? Not only an uncleaned carpet looks unattractive and lifeless, it also can lead to a number of health problems.

carpet cleaning before after
carpet cleaning before after

Kids play on carpet all the time and their toys also come in direct contact with the carpet. Infants have a habit of putting everything in their mouth, so guess what kind of germs they are taking in with the dirty and unhygienic carpet they are playing on.

We provide professional carpet cleaning in Coburg and if you are looking for the quality service then you should call us now. We use the latest steam cleaning technique for the carpets and give a high tech service to remove dust and hard stains that may have attached to your carpet.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction is the latest and most effective method of cleaning carpets to remove the deepest of dirt and germs as well as removing tough stains and smells.

Contrary to its name, it’s not the steam that does the magic. Instead, it’s the combination of high-quality detergent and hot water that does the cleaning. The machine sprays the detergent and hot water on the carpet. This process makes dist and dirt to be come loose and rest is done by the vacuume cleaner. The process ensures to remove any dist, dirt, hair, debris and stains while the hot water makes sure of treating the germs and bacteria.

We use a modern machine and right cleaning materials to provide safe and clean carpet and rugs.

Dry cleaning vs Steam Cleaning

Both dry cleaning and steam cleaning are popular cleaning techniques but a lot of people prefer steam cleaning due to the hot water extraction process. In commercial areas like real estate end of lease cleaning, the steam cleaning process has become a kind compulsory for vacating tenant to provide a clean atmosphere for the new to come in.

Dry cleaning requires less water usage and carpets don’t require a lot of drying time, steam cleaning is gaining popularity due to the excellent results after the cleaning service.

Why Choose Us

We have years of experience in steam cleaning carpets and have a strong client base a higher satisfaction rate. We are not very far from Coburg and Fawkner and we provide excellent carpet and rug cleaning service at right price. Our quality of service is Guaranteed.

Remember Rich Cleaning Melbourne for all your cleaning needs.

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