Best Carpet Cleaners in Essendon

Looking for the best carpet cleaners in Essendon area?

We are 5 star rated carpet cleaners in Essendon and do both dry and steam cleaning of carpets. We use modern techniques and trained staff for the carpet cleaning process leading to excellent results. Just vacuuming your carpet using home vacuum is not enough. Seek the professional and experienced help from us and get perfectly cleaned carpets.

Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners Essendon are experts in carpet cleaning and specialize in both dry and steam cleaning carpets. Both dry cleaning and steam cleaning are extremely popular among customers depending upon their choice. Though dry cleaning requires less water usage and carpets don’t require a lot of drying time, steam cleaning is gaining popularity due to the excellent results after the cleaning service.

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction involves the use of high quality detergent mixed with hot water that is sprayed on the carpet. This method is gaining a lot of popularity and is the most effective method of cleaning carpets to remove the deepest of dirt and germs as well as removing stubborn stains and smells. The combination of detergent and hot water sets the dirt and stains loose and then they are vacuumed using high pressure equipment to remove them altogether. The detergent makes sure to remove all dirt, hair, debris and stains while the hot water makes sure of treating the germs and bacteria.

We use environment safe cleaners so that your indoors are free from any chemicals.  We don’t use harsh bleaches or chemicals that have a high risk of discoloring the carpet and also unsafe for children and indoor air quality. Alkaline agents or mild acidic solutions are used in the cleaning process that effectively clean all the stains and dirt and restore the natural shine and quality of the carpet fiber.


Benefits of Hiring Us

We are the best carpet cleaners in Essendon with years of carpet cleaning experience and excellent client feedback. We use supreme quality detergents and cleaners to remove the toughest of stains, dirt and odor. In addition to this, we use bio-degradable products that are harmless for your kids and pets. We are well known for our hi-tech services and that too on affordable prices.

Benefits of hiring us –

  • Transparent quotation and cleaning process
  • High-quality carpet cleaning is guaranteed
  • Same day carpet cleaning in Melbourne most of the time
  • With proper sanitation, you can expect better fragrances.

Call us today for all your carpet cleaning needs and give your home a clean and healthy look.

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