7 things to remember while curtain cleaning in Melbourne

Melbourne weather varies a lot and you really need to look after your curtains well.

Curtains not only add a classy look to your living room and bedroom, they serve a really important purpose to obscure light and let in fresh air. When we choose curtains for our home, we spend a lot of time to check out several stores and online sites to find the right match and right colour that goes with our furniture and walls keeping in mind the budget too.

But once they are set up, we often forget that the curtains get dirty and show stains and even discolouration. They don’t appear as impressive and fresh as they used to be, so it’s very important to get curtain dry cleaning in Melbourne.  If not cleaned well then it may shrink and that is why you need to call a professional to do a complete onsite job.

curtain cleaning service in Melbourne
curtain cleaning service in Melbourne

Key points to be kept in mind while cleaning your curtains are:

  1. Remove hooks and rings 
    When you take down your curtains, remember to remove hooks and any other decorative material clinging to them. Since they might be carrying a lot of dust, it’s important to shake them well in an open area to remove dust. If you have a vacuum, you can simply vacuum them and a lot of dust will be removed in the process.
  2. Test a small portion
    Always test a small corner of the curtain on the reverse side first with the detergent that you will be using to clean. If the curtain loses colour or there is some other damage visible, you should not go further with the cleaning process. Dry cleaning or contacting curtain cleaning professionals is the best option in such cases.
  3. Type of fabric
    Always keep in mind the type and quality of fabric before cleaning. The curtains can range from being lined or unlined, sheer, lace, cotton, polyester, velvet or any other heavy cloth material. Different fabrics need different cleaning techniques so that the curtain gets cleaned properly and remains in top condition without losing its colour or causing any damage.Often the curtains have a label that specify whether they should be machine washed, hand washed or dry cleaned. Read the instructions carefully and follow the directions to get best results.

    • Unlined curtains can be washed in washing machine using a single cycle or even hand washed gently in lukewarm water. Remember to put the detergent in water and mix well before putting the curtain in.
    • Lined curtains are tricky to wash since the front fabric and back fabric are often of different material and may result in shrinkage of the cloth. If it’s possible, you can remove the lining and separately wash the front curtains and the back fabric. Else, a better way is to simply get in touch with a professional dry cleaner.
    • Cotton, polyester or lace curtains should always be hand washed very gently. Since the sheer and lace curtains are very delicate, never put them in washing machine. It’s best to hand wash them with a mild liquid detergent. Any instructions, if mentioned on the label should always be followed first.
    • Velvet or other expensive heavy curtains – Its generally recommended getting these dry cleaned or get in touch with professional curtain cleaners because there is always a risk involved of damaging  or ruining the colour while washing them at home.
  4. Rinsing & Drying the curtains
    Curtains should always be rinsed very gently and too much scrubbing is not advisable as it may lead to threads getting loose. A gentle cycle in the machine is well enough to maintain their colour and quality. Also, if you rinse too much, they may create wrinkles and then it gets difficult to maintain them.Hang the curtains out in the open to dry naturally or under a fan inside the home. This will avoid folds and wrinkles that may be caused as a result of drying them in a dryer.
  5. Always iron on a low heat and when the curtain is a bit damp. This will give it a crisp and fresh look.
  6. Avoid bleaching
    Never get tempted to bleach your curtains as they may damage them and cause discolouration.
  7. Call us for professional Help
    If you find it hard then call Rich Cleaning in Melbourne and we will provide you a quality service at a right price. We have years of experience in curtain cleaning and quality of service is guaranteed. We use cleaning techniques depending upon the quality of fabric and thus give out exceptional results.

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